Hello roleplayers!
My name is Lari and I'm here to help. I've been roleplaying for three years, so I know my way around. Want to request something? Read the guidelines please. #sideblog

Since some anons and lovely people requested for the PSD I used for this post, I thought why not :)
This PSD looks better on GIF's of people with a close-up. I also recommend you to change the brightness (which is pretty easily to find in the PSD) since you're GIF can get too dark easily.

download. [mf]



psd 106 by bbiebas

Feel free to adjust some layers if you need to c:

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Hi love! I was wondering if you still do gif crackships.

I still do them, but less than before.


Hi there lovely! I was wondering if you could give this newly created group a shoutout? We don’t have any bios since we’re working around already existing fiction characters mostly from novels/books. OC’s are welcome, as long as they aren’t connected to already existing characters. The plot is quite simple as it revolves around these characters and their struggle to fit in in a world different from their own. Thank you!


Hi, could we please get a shoutout? This is a new LOST roleplay set ten years after the initial crash. We're now accepting applications and have a lot of characters open!



First look review for sweethearts-rp.

Note: This is my personal opinion, so please do not take offence. If you have viewed the review please like or reblog.

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Hey there! Could we have a shoutout please? We're a new skeleton roleplay with a plot that focuses on experimental love and we're ACCEPTING TOMORROW. We still have 1 character without apps (a Demi Lovato FC) so we'd love to get apps for them! Thanks for your time.


Hii, I was wondering if you could give us a shout out? We are a brand new Hollywood rp with many popular face claims still open. Thanks in advance!


Hii lovely! I’m looking for some co admins and bio admins to help me run a John Green and Perks of being a Wallflower rp and it would be wonderful if you could please give me a shout out? Thank you in advance and have a awesome day :3


Hey there! Could we have a shoutout please? We're a new skeleton roleplay with a plot that focuses on experimental love.